The Best Free App to Spy on Text Messages

There are many free apps out there, but not all of them are created equal. Some are more expensive than others, while others have no monthly fee at all. While spy apps can be expensive, they don’t have to be. A decent cell phone spy application should have a GPS locator, which is vital when tracking the location of the cell phone you want to spy on. Read on to find out what features you should look for in a free app.


You’re probably looking for a free app to spy on text messages on iPhone or Android phones, but you’ve probably come to a dead end. You can spy on a child’s text messages without the child knowing about it, but are unsure how to do it? Then you can spy on someone’s private messages with Spyzie. It works on both iOS and Android phones, and you can monitor text messages, call logs, and internet usage. Spyzie is also able to track the location of the phone and look at media files that have been shared on the network. Fortunately, Spyzie has no need for a jailbreak.

The best part about Spyzie is that it works on all Android phones and iOS devices, and it’s completely undetectable on non-rooted devices. Once installed on the target device, you can spy on the other user’s text messages from any location. The app’s hidden mode also allows you to access the targeted device’s history and see all the messages exchanged between the two users. If you’re concerned about your children’s safety, Spyzie can keep a close eye on them and ensure that no one else knows about their text messages.


XNSPY is the most effective way to monitor a target device’s text messages. You can access the phone’s location history, as well as the names, addresses, and times of places visited by the targeted device. Additionally, you can view and record keystrokes and passwords, as well as restrict data uploads and downloads. It also supports GPS tracking, as well as notification of SIM-card changes. Lastly, XNSPY has great customer service, which is essential when it comes to monitoring someone else’s mobile device.

Xnspy is the most reliable free app to spy on text messages, offering an easy-to-use interface, complete with several productivity tools. It can even be used as a keylogger! All of these features help you keep tabs on your kids’ online activity and make sure that they are safe. The UI is also attractive and easy to use. The controls are clear, too, so it is easy to keep track of what your child or employee is doing.


If you have a wife or husband who constantly sends sexy messages to other men, you may want to spy on what they’re doing on the internet. You can find out exactly how much time they’re wasting on dating apps, texting, or other activities. You can also protect your children from cyberbullying, because many teens are constantly on the internet. And, of course, the app can even help you spy on your own spouse or partner if they’re cheating on you.

If you’re worried that your spouse is sexting, you can spy on text messages without touching the phone! With Snoopza, you can monitor any text message without ever touching the target phone. You can view the records as long as the target’s phone is unlocked. You can even view them if they change their SIM cards or change the location they’re using.

DDI Utilities

If you need to keep tabs on your children or employees, then DDI Utilities is the perfect solution. You can easily track their phone activity and view text messages. DDI can also recover the data from a deleted phone or device. To install DDI on the target device, you simply need to text the download link to the phone. Once the download is complete, you can log in to your secure online account and view all the information that was captured from that cell phone. You can even monitor social networking sites.

DDI Utilities is a mobile phone monitoring application for Android and iOS. This app is highly capable of spying text messages. Moreover, it can also track other activities. This app has many useful features, including an interactive dashboard that lets you view detailed information on the target phone. Besides, it offers free updates for life and responsive data back-up.


If you are looking for a free app to spy on text messages, you have probably come across uMobix. This newcomer in the spy app market has made a name for itself with a solid product and great customer support. It runs in the background, which means it will not use up your phone’s battery or resources. It sends new information to its servers every minute and makes it available through its dashboard. You can monitor almost all activities on the target device through this dashboard.

uMobix is an effective way to spy on your child’s text messages and other activities on their mobile device. The app stores the data on its own private servers, so it can be accessed without any limitations. Moreover, can I see someone’s text messages without their phone it allows you to monitor your child’s internet content and activity, as well as any hotspot connection. You can even block your child’s access to certain websites and services.


Cocospy is a free app that lets you read other people’s text messages without their knowledge. This application is designed to spy on Android or iOS smartphones without the target phone being jailbroken or rooted. It can also read email, Snapchat, Gmail, and Instagram accounts. Users can easily access all of the messages and even read the date and time stamps. Cocospy can also help you monitor the current location of the target phone.

There are several reasons why Cocospy is the best free app for spying on text messages. One of these is its ease of use and top-of-the-line features. It also offers a buttery smooth experience and allows you to monitor social media, call logs, and even SMS. In addition to text messages, Cocospy lets you keep track of contacts, track location, and read SMS. You can even check a person’s call duration.


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