Indoor Planting at Home Using LED Grow Lights – How It Is Done

LED grow lights, or commonly called light-emitting diode lamps, are gradually becoming a preferred choice among indoor gardeners for their indoor plant business, be it hydroponic gardens or greenhouses. These compact grow lights provide specific high intensity lights to your indoor plants that have proven to be ideal for herbs, vegetables and flowers.
With the use of LED grow lights for the expansion of their indoor plants, these indoor gardeners literally gained many advantages over their non-user, such as LED grow light counterparts.
• Lower outlay LED Christmas Lights of expenses due to lower heat emissions
• Greater energy savings due to low electricity consumption
• Longer lifespan than other competitions
• Custom photosynthetic scale resulting in superior development performance
• You only need a smaller garden plot
• Environment friendly

You can make your own LED grow lights at a relatively inexpensive cost. And I can show you how by following my 6 easy steps. Before you begin, have these things ready: ceiling panel, drill and bit, 2 strands of red and blue LED Christmas lights, glue gun, glue stick, and a thin string to use for mounting.
Step 1, Drill 50 holes in your ceiling panel by marking 5 rows with 10 holes in each row with a distance of approximately ¼ inch wide between each row. Make sure there is a 6-inch gap around the outside perimeter. Drill holes every 3 1/2 inches.
Step 2, To remove the lights from the surface of the panel, push the lights through the back of the panel. Make sure they are tight and secure. Never pull the lights through the hole, otherwise you risk damaging the bulbs.
Step 3, Using your glue gun and glue stick, hot glue the wire to the panel on both sides of each hole.
Step 4, get the clear strands and with each strand, change the next strand at the end of the first one and skip a hole. Then hot glue the plastic part of the plug to the panel to secure it. Do the same process with the other lights in the holes.
Step 5, Before attaching the mounting string, drill two holes at both ends of the panel. Then slide the thin string down through the top and up through the other hole. Make a bow and secure it. Repeat the process for the other side. Last step, hang the ceiling panel from the hooks you have installed over your seedlings. Switch it on. That is all. You’re done.
But if you don’t have time to make your own LED grow lights and decide to buy them as you have the money for them, I suggest you check them online first. There are many LED grow lights for sale on the market.
You will surely be able to recoup your investment in LED grow lights in the long term. In fact, the savings on your electric bills and low maintenance cost will more than offset the expense.

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