Airport transfer service or taxi?

Since the inception of air travel, there have always been two main ground transportation options when travelers were traveling for business or pleasure. They could take a taxi to their chosen location or, if they were on a tighter budget, they could use the local public transportation system. It is the same in practically every country in the world. The taxi, of course, has taken priority with most travelers because it is less complicated to take, requires less effort and is faster without having to wait at the dozen stops and transfers along the way to get to the desired local address. . Therefore, when a newer service appears in the ground transportation industry, such as the airport shuttle service, it is often difficult to adapt it to what we already know. The perception of a shuttle service is a convention center connection or a courtesy ride from the hotel to the airport, but the industry has changed a lot in recent decades. The most recent evolution in airport transportation service is a scheduled service in a private 12-passenger van, which leaves the airports every hour or so, providing a connection to most local destinations of choice, either direct or via very few quick stops. that do not require walking. In essence, the airport shuttle service captures the main need that a taxi service satisfies, providing reliable transportation to and from the airport, being simple, easy and fast. But there are significant differences when we look at them side by side.
Taxis are assigned taxi airport zaventem on a first-come, first-served basis. Curbside taxis at the airport are usually organized and a line of passengers is formed to secure a taxi. It can be very fast if there are few people, but it can take a long time if there is a local event such as a convention, boat show or major concert or NBA, NHL, MLB or NFL game. When there are a large number of travelers who fly and require taxis to get around for food and entertainment, the line of people to hail a taxi at the airport is longer and the line of taxis at the sign to pick them up is shorter, so The wait can be several hours and is somewhat unpredictable. The airport shuttle service, on the other hand, requires a reservation and is a scheduled pick-up service for a party with an exact number of passengers. People who need transportation in a busy airport and do not have a reservation are generally unable to board a shuttle. On the other hand, when flying through an empty airport, people can find taxis readily available upon exiting baggage claim and may find themselves waiting another 20 minutes for their scheduled shuttle service.
The taxi service is private, where the shuttle service to the airport is shared. Private is an industry standard term that refers to the fact that there are no other passengers in the vehicle. The shared transport service is not private because a group of 3 can occupy 3 seats and another two or three groups can occupy the other 9 seats of the transport service. Ferries generally carry groups of 2 or 3 passengers and often take them to the same destination. Depending on personal preferences, this could be an inconvenience for those who prefer to support themselves, or it could be an opportunity to mingle with others who have something in common with them, whether they are in town for a vacation stay in a hotel, a boarding on a cruise ship. or a trade show.
Transportation services are paid as a flat rate, where taxi services are paid based on a time and distance formula through a meter. The age-old worry of not knowing what the fare will be and having a driver take a longer route than necessary, or find a way to sit in traffic to increase the fare, may be more of an urban legend in the US than a fact. But the truth is that a flat rate gives people the peace of mind of knowing what they will pay, and considering the preference of most customers to arrive quickly, it means that drivers have an incentive to deliver their passengers without delay to get off work earlier. and maximize the money from the tips they receive.

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